Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras can either be fixed focal length or zoom lens cameras depending on your needs and are suitable for both residential and commercial premises.

Also known as lipstick cameras, the conical design of these popular security devices is similar to that of a bullet, hence the name. Their instantly recognisable shape makes them highly visible and are often chosen specifically for this reason – to discourage intruders, vandals or criminals simply by the presence of surveillance technology.

They tend to have a long and powerful lens which makes them ideal for monitoring large external spaces.

Bullet cameras are mounted on a wall or post and are positioned to focus on a key area of your premises such as points of entry like doors and windows.

Available in two colours (black and white), our bullet cameras are branded with the Connect 4 CCTV Security logo and visual warning of 24-hour CCTV in operation.

All our camera installations come complete with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to enable users to record and store footage taken from their CCTV cameras.

Fixed Bullet Cameras


Also Available in Black

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